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The unique talent that we have here at StrategyBRIX is central to our brand identity. From across different sectors, Bricklayers have joined to create a super team. We all have unique strengths and the sum of our bricks is greater than the whole.

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Natalie Chung
Senior Associate, London

The seniors on the team really take the time to mentor you and ensure that every team member gets the challenge and growth they need for professional development. I feel very fortunate to be part of this dynamic and high-achieving team.

Monte Barker, CAMS
Manager, Toronto

I am continuously impressed by the amount of knowledge and experience the whole team provides everyday. StrategyBRIX is an extremely collaborative environment, where everyone at each level is able to contribute to help deliver maximum success for our clients.

Stephanie Goerss-Krempa
Senior Manager, New York

Working at StrategyBRIX as a Manager has been nothing short of a fulfilling experience. Not only do I have the opportunity to assist clients in solving problems, but I get to assist in managing and building out the best consulting team this side of the Mississippi.

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