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Come and join our team!

At StrategyBRIX, we are looking to work with Financial Crime and Compliance experts who are truly passionate about solving our client's challenges in creative ways.

We are building a team with carefully crafted values that we believe in and most likely wish existed in other teams that we’ve been a part of previously. These operating principles need to be limited and exclusive for us to make them the DNA of StrategyBRIX.

  1. Clients First - Solving our clients' problems is our “absolute” #1 priority at all times, over everything else. Our obsession with client satisfaction is our biggest differentiator. 

  2. Proud domestics - We all are proud domestics helping each other win all the time… Leaders do not accomplish goals by themselves. Everyone will be at the podium. 

  3. Intellectual Curiosity - Even the best subject matter Consultants are known to understand only about 20% of the problem. We need to know the remaining 80% of the story at all times. If we don’t know it, then we need to work towards knowing it. 

  4. Move Fast - Speed is everything. We need to seize opportunities quickly. Do not let perfect be the enemy of good.

  5. Build or Edit - We’re all in the perpetual state of either building the company or changing anything that does not work. We'd like everyone in the team to contribute to this. 

  6. Live and learn - We encourage everyone to take ownership and learn from their failures. 

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